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Hannah Banana!
01 August 2011 @ 05:02 pm
So I've moved to Tumblr......
I still use this journal sometimes but spend most of my time there.
Hannah Banana!
14 March 2011 @ 03:12 pm

I only just watched Bombshells a few days ago. First off, it was amazing I loved it.


  • The bedroom scene with House half concealed under he bed as if its the most normal thing in the world. He had a book with him so he could wait until she woke up just to scare her! lol. 
  • I adored the dream sequences. They were so well done. The 60’s melodrama, the modern sitcom, the western and the musical. Each medium expressing a different side of their character’s subconscious. It was also fun to watch instead of the riveting POTW case. Lol.

Cuddy: How did I let myself forget you were an addict for months? My subconcious was telling me you could never get through this without drugs.
House: It was a one time thing.
Cuddy: Its not about the pills, House. It about what they mean.
House: I was scared, because I thought my girlfriend might die.

Cuddy: Pain happens when you care. You can’t love someone without making yourself open to their problems, their fears. And you’re not willing to do that.

/ rant

Cuddy summed up House's need for drugs really well in that scene. What was disappointing was that in my opinion, she gave up too easily. She has known House forever. She knows his history with addiction, his personality and the rest. I understand that the reason he takes them is too avoid pain. Even though the result is dangerous and unhealthy, it appeared to me to show how important she is to him. He literally could not take the pain of seeing her in pain and possibly dying.

I've dealt with mental health and it is not something that goes away. Ever. It is always there below the surface. When you are going through recovery you are told that there will be times that you will slip into old habits, but it’s how you then pull yourself out and re-adjust yourself.

House has dealt with a lot over the years with his leg and the subsequent addiction that resulted from it. He has only been in recovery for a short period, and if thus is the first slip up he has had (which is what the writers have indicated) then he has done extremely well. House needed that additional support from Cuddy to remind him that he is not alone and that he can beat it especially when he has an anchor like her to support him.

I agree that House can be an insensitive jerk most of the time but this is a disease and he needs support at times like this. As the writers have done, the pain and the additional abandonment of Cuddy was all it took to push him over to drugs again. He has done really well for himself

I hope Wilson will be there for him because he needs someone.

I know that Cuddy has had a shock and has seen the harm his addiction has on himself and others but he NEEDS her. I also think she NEEDS him.

It would be a different story if he had not entered that rehabilitation and he was still taking viacodin.

On the other hand we have Cuddy. The one person apart from Wilson who has known House for years and knows his character through and through. The difference between Wilson and Cuddy is that Cuddy has known him longer (?) and is in an intimidate relationship with him. This brings with it, as Cuddy put it, the others pain and problems that you both deal with as if it is your own. Even though I said that Cuddy should be able to help him through to enable him to be able to delve into her pain and problems, he has had years to adapt to this. I think it’s hard to determine who has suffered more from the break up, either way I think that it needs to be worked on because I believe they really are suited for each other.

If the only time House can confront these types of situations is when he his high then, I agree, Cuddy shouldn’t have to settle for that.

 /end rant


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Hannah Banana!
01 March 2011 @ 07:07 pm

So...I got a tumblr account. I can't believe I haven't discovered it before. It is so awesome to just flail and reblog random stuff.

anyways get into it: hazz23.tumblr.com/

Just cos I want to here is some MIKITA LOVE.

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